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Safari5Africa operated by Nigel Theisen in Zimbabwe's Bubye Valley Conservancy

Safari 5 Africa operated by Nigel Theisen in Zimbabwe's Bubye Valley Conservancy

Bubye Valley Conservancy

The Bubye Valley Conservancy is arguably Zimbabwe's greatest wildlife conservation success story. It is a model example of conservation of habitat and species, that reflects across the entire African continent in this day and age. It is proper wildlife management and sustainable utilisation of a natural resource at its best.

Originally made up of cattle ranches, the land owners had the foresight some 20 years ago to develop it into one of the most game rich pieces of land in Zimbabwe, if not the whole of southern Africa.



Mazunga Safaris

Please note that Safari5Africa / Nigel Theisen has the rights to market and operate on the BVC, under the authority of Mazunga Safaris.

Tracey Safari Adventures (TSA) controls the Mazunga Safaris booking office in the USA. All documentation will be registered and compiled under Mazunga Safaris and, to this end, initial deposits for daily rates and trophy fees will be collected by TSA.

On receipt of the initial deposit, further details regarding balance of payments will be supplied.





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