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Safari5Africa operated by Nigel Theisen in Zimbabwe's Bubye Valley Conservancy

Safari 5 Africa operated by Nigel Theisen in Zimbabwe's Bubye Valley Conservancy

The right time, the right place. . . . . . .

The right time . . . . . . . never before has poaching and the anti hunting fraternity been such a powerful threat to our wildlife and conservation efforts. Uninformed people, social media and exponential human population growth rates are unfortunately to blame.

Most westerners look at hunting and poaching as the same thing, while the rural tribe folks, living for today on a subsistence level, look at it as both a source of food/protein and a commercial enterprise, in the form of bush meat, rhino horn and elephant ivory.   


The right place . . . .  . there are fewer and fewer true wilderness areas left today where there is no human sign or interference. This is mainly due to human population growth which leads to the encroachment of wildlife habitat, destruction and loss. There simply is nowhere for the wildlife to move to other than to remain in the National Parks and other similar reserves. While as hunters we abhor the thought of fences or hunting within the confines of a fence, it has clearly become the most successful way of managing our wildlife.



Safari5Africa is committed to providing a 'fair chase' hunting experience. The 'fair chase' philosophy is generally described as the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit of free-ranging wild game animals, in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper advantage over the animal. As such, there is no assurance or certainty as to the success of your safari, where success is measured in terms of the number or species of animals taken.

Success varies greatly from species to species, safari to safari, season to season and hunter to hunter. Unpredictable factors that play on success are many and include, but are not limited to, the time of season, the ability and fitness of the hunter, the availability of game food and water, climatic changes, human influences, drought conditions and old fashioned luck. We believe it is important that both our clients and professional hunters subscribe to this same 'fair chase' philosophy and are proud of the way in which hunts are conducted measuring the success of any safari by the quality and the thrill of the chase, the unique atmosphere of the African bush, and the people, animals, sights, smells and sounds that you encounter while in Zimbabwe.

You will need to be reasonably fit, capable of carrying your own firearm for extended periods and willing to walk to seek your intended trophy. You will be hunting aged male specimens only, and we ask that you accept the judgment of your professional hunter when it comes to trophy quality. We endeavour to provide you with the opportunity to shoot top quality trophies in a fair chase and sportsmanlike manner.

Safari5Africa has a primary interest in ensuring the safety of its clients, upholding the laws of Zimbabwe and providing our clients with the best safari experience possible. We therefore advise you of these additional regulations, which you will be asked to follow while on safari:

  1. All firearms will be unloaded while on board any vehicle.
  2. No firearm may be discharged from any vehicle.
  3. No hunting of any description or sighting of rifles may take place within one kilometre of any camp.
  4. Proper effort will be made to track and follow all wounded game.

The professional hunter is responsible for interpreting, implementing and observing all Zimbabwe laws and Bubye Valley Conservancy policies. At no time should the professional hunter be pressurised to deviate from the laws of Zimbabwe or Bubye Valley Conservancy’s policies.

Only aged animals can be hunted; professional hunters are responsible for making this determination and final decision.

Only the carcasses from Impala, Zebra, and Giraffe are permitted by the Bubye Valley Conservancy to be used as bait.


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